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Technician/Receptionist, AAS, Fear Free Certified

Education: Veterinary Technician Institute

Hometown: Born and raised in Houston, Texas

Pets: Silk a Staffordshire terrier, Todo a yorkie, Mister the maincoon and Safiera the cat

Abbie completed her associates degree in applied veterinary science in 2010.  She has been at Neartown Animal Clinic since 2014 (with a short hiatus) and involved in the veterinary field since she her first kennel job at 15 years old.  She is an animal advocate and for as long as she can remember animals have brought her joy.  She enjoys caring for the pets and educating their owners about proper animal care.   Abbie says “this is my calling and I couldn’t do anything else”.



She enjoys taking care of her daughter and fur babies and loves swimming.  When she has spare time, she likes to spend her time outdoors.