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Pet Dental Care

Proper pet dental care is critical in maintaining your pet’s health and comfort. The #1 health problem diagnosed in cats and dogs over 3 years of age is periodontal disease. Pet dental disease puts stress on your pet’s immune system and can lead to serious liver, kidney, respiratory and heart disease. Ultrasonic scaling is performed above and below the gum line, followed by a thorough polishing and fluoride application. Regular preventative dental care can add years to the life of your pet.

Does Your Pet Have Bad Breath??

It doesn’t just smell bad, but it can be unhealthy for your pet as well. Up to 80% of dogs and 70% of cats may show signs of pet dental disease by age 3.

Pet Dental Exam

Noticed bad breath, drooling or pawing at the mouth. Your pet may need dental care. It’s a good time for a dental examination!

Pet Dental Cleaning

A thorough dental cleaning removes plaque and tartar above and below the gum line. Anesthesia is used to keep your pet comfortable.

At-Home Pet Dental Care

Brushing the teeth regularly is the best form of home dental care. There are also pet dental rinses, water additives, dental toys, dental treats/diets. Ask us which form of home dental care would be best for your pet.

Call Neartown Animal Clinic today to set up a dental examination. Click here to log on to your Pet Portal to learn more about dental care and your pet. We look forward to hearing from you soon!  713-526-1502

What are the stages of pet dental disease?

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