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Pet Dental Care Products

Pets Have Teeth, Too!

Neartown Animal Clinic has the tools necessary to keep those pet’s teeth clean!

PROPER ORAL CARE BEGINS WITH YOUR VET…   Regular visits to your veterinarian provide you with the best guarantee that your pet’s health is sound.  However, you can supplement these visits to the veterinarian with an examination of your pet’s mouth and regular use of pet dental care products, Brushing the teeth (the #1 choice),  Oravet® Pet Dental Hygiene Chews, Clenz-A-Dent® Mouth Water Additive, Clenz-a-Dent® Rawhide Chews, , and MAXI/GUARD® Oral Cleansing Wipes.

*Recognized by the Veterinary Oral Health Council as a product that works effectively to significantly reduce tartar in dogs.

OraVet® Pet Dental Hygiene Chews *

OraVet chews contain Delmopinol in the center well which is released throughout the dog’s mouth as soon as your dog starts chewing.  This ingredient creates a barrier against bacteria that lead to the formation of plaque, tartar and bad breath.  Administer one appropriately sized chew based on your pet’s weight daily. 

C.E.T.® VEGGIEDENT® Fr3sh® Tartar Control Chews *

Addresses oral causes of bad breath, freshens breath with every chew, contains a prebiotic known to support proper digestion.

Maxi/Guard® Oral Cleansing Wipes *

Oral cleansing wipes are both an effective oral care product and applicator in one.  The textured wipes assist in the mechanical removal of plaque and are infused with our unique zinc formulation.  This taste free compound neutralizes offensive mouth odors and helps reduce the deposit of plaque and tartar.  It is perfect for maintaining the oral health of all pets.  Wrap one oral wipe around index finger and gently wipe teeth and gums.  Provide praise to ensure a positive experience. Use daily for best results. 

Clenz-a-dent® Mouth Rinse/Water Additive

A palatable and refreshing solution that contains RF2® which helps inhibit the growth of bacteria that leads to bad breath. Clenz-a-dent Mouth Rinse/Water Additive has a sweet mint flavor that makes it palatable to both dogs and cats.  As a water additive:  Under 25 lbs:  Add 1 teaspoon to 2 cups of fresh drinking water daily. Change water everyday even if all has not been consumed.  Dogs Over 25 lbs:  Add 2 teaspoon to 4 cups of fresh drinking water daily. Change water everyday even if all has not been consumed.  As a mouth rinse:  Attach the red spraying nozzle to the bottle & apply directly onto the teeth and gums.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Pet Dental Chewz™ Dog Treats *

Delicious, long-lasting dental chew for adult dogs to help reduce build-up of tartar.  Cleans teeth, freshens breath.

Clenz-a-dent® Pet Dental Rawhide Chews for Dogs

Clenz-a-dent® Pet Rawhide Chews are made from beef hide that is cut and cooked before being coated with a palatable ingredient that supplies the enzymatic blend to help maintain the natural antibacterial system in the saliva. The abrasive action of chewing helps keep your dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh.  Administer one appropriately sized chew based on your pet’s weight daily.

Clenz-a-dent® Pet Dental Gel (pet toothpaste)

 A specially formulated gel toothpaste with enzymes and baking soda to gently clean the teeth and gums of dogs and cats, while keeping their breath fresh with a tasty mint flavor.  *Never use human toothpaste on pets

FELINE GREENIES™ Pet Dental Treats *

Cleans Teeth & Gums for a sparkle in every smile. Freshens Breath and easy to digest.  Made With natural ingredients plus added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Hill’s Precription Diet T/D *

The special fiber matrix of Hill’s prescription diet t/d® scrubs the exposed tooth surface like an edible toothbrush, reducing bacteria-laden plaque.

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