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Anesthesia & Surgery


After a thorough pre-anesthetic evaluation, an individualized anesthesia plan is formulated. We utilize the very latest anesthesia monitoring equipment that allows us to closely watch heart rate, respiration and oxygen saturation. A trained veterinary assistant is assigned the exclusive task of monitoring your pet during the procedure and providing post-surgical nursing care. Every pet has an intravenous catheter placed for fluids during the procedure.


We offer all types of soft tissue surgeries as well as most orthopedic surgeries. Our doctors will discuss aspects of the surgery and options available. We have a fully equipped surgery suite designated for sterile surgeries and a separate treatment area for dental cleanings, wound cleanings. Every pet will have a catheter placed for intravenous fluids during the procedure.

8817_ppWhen your pet needs Advanced Surgery

Dr. Dorothy Murray of Neartown Animal Clinic has been performing small animal referral surgery in the Houston area for the past twenty years. Extensive training and experience in soft-tissue, orthopedic and oral surgery has made Dr. Murray a popular, affordable alternative to referral to a board certified surgeon.

Call Neartown Animal in Houston, Texas for more information on any type of surgery including spays, neuters, declaws and orthopedics.