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Nov 26 2012

Pet Internet Pharmacies – Are You Getting What You Paid For?

Online Pet Pharmacies come with risks.

A recent survey done by the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association determined that 35% of respondents had a retail or online pharmacy change a prescribed dosage or medication for their pet without their authorization.   Of those, 17% had pets that experienced adverse reactions or death from these mistakes.

There are reputable pet internet pharmacies.  However, there are also those that have little knowledge of veterinary pharmaceuticals or may be selling outdated, counterfeit, mislabeled or improperly formatted drugs.   The pharmacist or college kid that fills the prescription may equate human medicine with animals and think the dosage is too high or substitute one drug for another thinking it is the same.   Our pets metabolize medications differently!

Most veterinarians will give you a written prescription when requested.  If the internet pharmacy is a safe and ethical provider of prescription drugs, they will fax your veterinarian a request for verification and  approval.  In order to process a prescription the law requires that a vet must have seen your pet within the last year.  (Depending on the condition and treatment for your pet, that time may be shorter.)


The FDA recommends doing careful research if you are considering an online pharmacy.  Internet pharmacies may not always be cheaper than those prescribed from your veterinarian.

   Tv ads stating “Affordable pet medications”, “No prescriptions required” or “Convenient ordering”,  may come with a price.   Is that a price you are willing to pay?


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