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Nov 20 2014

10 Reasons to Match Your New Pet With Your Personality!



Between 6 and 8 million pets enter shelters each year.   

You can help keep this sad story from repeating by making sure you get an animal that matches your personality and life style.  


Find your pet with our Pet Selector!

What to look for when selecting a new dog

What to look for when selecting a new cat

The top 10 reasons dogs and cats are relinquished:

  1. Moving/Landlord not allowing pets
  2. Too many animals in household
  3. Cost of pet maintenance
  4. Owner having personal problems
  5. No homes available for litter mates
  6. Having no time for pets
  7. Allergies in family
  8. Pet illness(es)
  9. House soiling
  10. Biting / incompatibility with other pets



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