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Jul 18 2013

Mosquitos = Heartworms = Very Expensive Dog in Houston

Heartworm Prevention is easy.

Meet Miles.  He is our newest patient undergoing heartworm treatment.  He is doing great but is bummed that he has to stay boarding for several days during treatment.   As the adult worms start to die, they break up and are carried to the lungs.  This makes it imperative that he not be allowed off his leash, run, jump, play or get too excited during treatment.

Treating heartworms is very expensive and it is a 6 month process. 

Prevention is the only way to keep your dogs safe.  A blood test is required before starting any heartworm prevention.  If a dog has heartworms and is given a dose of preventative, there can be a reaction that is detrimental to the dog, even deadly.

Save money and risk it or Spend some money and prevent it?

  • Heartworm treatment for Miles = $700 to $1000
  • 12 months of heartworm prevention = $77

The picture below shows that Harris County is a prime area for heartworm disease.  1 out of every 37 dogs tested was positive for heartworms.  And that’s only the dogs that were tested!

Heartworm Prevalence








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