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Sep 03 2013

The Borzoi and Lure Coursing in Houston, Texas

6720Borzoi: “bor-zoy”

The Borzoi is a Russian Hound that was originally bred for pursuing wolves and rabbits.   They are members of the “Sight Hound” category because they rely on their sight rather than smell to hunt prey.

Now they are more commonly seen competing in Lure Coursing.   6720j

Live game hunting murals have been found in Eqyptian tombs dating back 4000 years.   These paintings illustrate our modern-day lure coursing which is done without live prey.

Today, the “prey” is a plastic bag connected to a mechanical lure.  The 600 to 1000 yard course simulates the running and turning of live prey.   The lure operator can slow down or speed up the lure based on the speed of the dogs that are racing.

Lure Coursing is open to many breeds, but Neartown Animal Clinic has a special 6720kconnection to the Borzoi.  Our own Dr. Krista Hunt, in Houston Texas, has 2 competing Borzois and just brought home another 14- week old Borzoi.  Surely to be another champion!

If this is something that interests you, either for fun or competition, the AKC website can get you started.

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2 responses to “The Borzoi and Lure Coursing in Houston, Texas”

  1. David Franks says:

    Looking for Lure course events close to Houston. I have moved to Beaumont and can not find any in my area. If you have any info can you point me in the right direction?

    • NeartownVet says:

      There is a Facebook group called region4 lure coursing. There is not really a group in the Houston area any more. There is an upcoming trial in Florence Tx this weekend which is just outside of Austin. Hope that helps.

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