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Sep 12 2012

Kittens Dumped At Our Front Door At Neartown Animal Clinic

I’m glad that someone trusts us enough to take care of their kittens at Neartown Animal Clinic.  But, to dump them at our front door…  Kittens at this age will most likely get adopted from the SPCA and that is the best place to take them if you cannot find homes for them yourself.

The 3 kittens are approximately 6 weeks old and desperately need YOU to take them home.   Please contact us at 713-526-1502.  (We are in River Oaks, Houston.)

Take Us Home!

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2 responses to “Kittens Dumped At Our Front Door At Neartown Animal Clinic”

  1. really feel pathetic about the people who do this, very merciless and ignorant behavior shown by them.

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