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Aug 09 2013

Keep Dogs Cool and Beat the Heat in Houston


How hot is it in Houston right now?  Hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof!

 3 tips to help your dog beat the heat in Houston’s triple digit temps:

6143max1.  Dog Popsicles:  Take some cut up fruit, carrots, dog treats, peanut butter, etc and freeze them in a bowl of chicken broth or water or freeze inside a Kong.  Not only are these a cool treat to beat the Houston heat and humidity, but it’s a stimulating challenge to get the goodies out.


peyotepool2. Swimming:  The beach, bayous, lakes, kiddie pools or your own swimming pool will make for a relaxing and cool romp.  Exercise and fun all in one!   *Always stay with your dog when playing in the water.

3.  Cooling Dog Beds:  The fluid inside the bed provides a cooling affect as well as cushioning.  There are also mats you can put in the fridge for quick cooling.  My own Labradors used cooling beds and they never leaked.


If your dog is panting heavily, drooling, dizzy, vomiting or seizuring, he may have heat stroke.  Immediately put your dog in cool water (not cold) then take to the nearest veterinarian ASAP. 
Cats tend to find their own cool spot but the same symptoms for heat stroke apply.

 *Make your own dog ice cream

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