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Sep 20 2013

Dr. Murray’s Jack Russell Terrier’s Got “Game”!

“Thank You!” to Dr. Dorothy Murray from all the staff at Neartown Animal Clinic. 

Dr. Murray & Tiger

Dr. Murray & Tiger

She has been an amazing veterinarian at Neartown Animal Clinic for 20 years and we have been incredibly lucky to have her.

She has a large fan base of loyal clients and happy dogs & cats from all over Houston.  Because of her extensive experience in orthopedic surgery, many local veterinarians refer their patients to her when orthopedic or other major surgery is needed.  

Recently, Dr. Murray took Casey, her 14-year old Jack 1360caseRussell Terrier , to the Gulf Coast Jack Russell playday.  She said Casey found the rat in the barn hunt 4 out of 4 times!  

You may be thinking “ok, what’s the big deal?  She’s a Jack Russell.  That’s what they do.” 

Well the big deal is, Casey is completely blind!

Casey use to belong to one of Neartown Animal Clinic’s clients.  Casey was a miserable dog with cataracts and a skin problem that caused her to lose her hair and be covered in itchy oozing sores.  The client couldn’t handle all the medical care Casey needed so Dr. Murray asked if she would like her to take Casey.  The client incorrectly interpreted that to mean Dr. Murray didn’t think she was taking proper care of Casey.  The client vehemently said she was never coming back to our practice again.  She then called the owner and the manager at Neartown Animal Clinic as well as the Texas Board of Veterinary Examiners to complain.  

Low and behold,  2 years later, the client came back and asked Dr. Murray if she still wanted Casey.  Of course she did!



Casey was a challenge.  She was the itchiest dog you ever saw.  She stood in the cage scratching and crying continuously.  She bit.  She could barely see with cataracts. She hated everyone.  Who wouldn’t  in that state?  But Dr. Murray could see the spark in Casey.  She started her treatment and bathed her every day for 3 weeks.  Her hair started to grow back, she didn’t need a muzzle to bathe her anymore and even slept in Dr. Murray’s bed. 

Casey had been an apartment dog- carried to the sidewalk, set down, carried back upstairs.  This was going to be a whole new experience for Casey on Dr. Murray’s 13 acre farm.   She balked at grass, freaked out at water and loud noises bothered her.  Dr. Murray put a  leash on her and started taking her around to do the farm chores. 

In a few weeks, Casey was happily chasing chickens, killing rats, flopping in the nastiest puddle in the pasture to cool off and eating horse manure like a champ.  She figured out the dog door and would go out and bark at night to keep away the wild critters.  She was now a country dawg!

Casey’s cataracts were removed by Dr. Millichamp in Houston.  She was hard to keep quiet and hard to medicate, but it was worth it.  Now that she could see again, she was a Holy terrier!  She chased the wild creatures (the deer chased back) and followed Dr. Murray around all day doing chores and investigating anything that moved. 

Two years later Casey developed glaucoma.  She had drops put in her eyes twice a day for about year but she could still see.  Ultimately though, Casey went completely blind.

She still used the dog door, followed Dr. Murray around and still chased and occasionally caught the chickens.  Unfortunately, one night Casey got out of the yard and disappeared.  Dr. Murray searched for 48 hours before she finally heard her faint barking at 4 in the morning.  She took off in her slippers and crashed through a quarter-mile of brambles to find her in a hole in the creek bank.  Casey was hungry, cold and had badly damaged one eye which had to be removed.  But, once again, Casey bounced back.

Casey in her "halo"

Casey in her “halo”

Dr. Murray custom-made a “Halo” for Casey to wear so she doesn’t hurt herself running into anything. 

She’s a little more cautious these days.  She still chases chickens, keeps the barn rat-free and still tags along to do the chores (but she doesn’t like the brambles so much.)  

Casey & Rigel

Casey & Rigel

When they say Jack Russell Terriers are GAME, Casey is what they’re talking about!  Pretty good for a little old blind dog! 



Casey has begrudgingly accepted Dr. Murray’s newest Jack Russell Terrier, Rigel.

“Thank You Dr. Murray for your 20 years at Neartown Animal Clinic!”

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