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Oct 02 2012

How To Break Up a Dog Fight

It’s perfect weather for a visit to the dog park.  

We LOVE the Park!

Make sure you know the rules and proper etiquette of each dog park.  No one wants to have to break up a dog fight.  It’s natural behavior for dogs to want to assert themselves as pack leader, but many dog fights will end faster than you can get involved.

Tried to break up dog fight

Our first reaction to a dog fight is to grab the collars and pull them apart.  This will most likely lead to you getting bitten,  even by your own dog.   You might say “my dog would never bite me” and normally this may be true.  But in the chaos of a fight, they are pumped with adrenaline and may not know who or what they are biting.   If you have a small dog in the fight, your instinct will  be to pick them up to separate them and this can also result in you being bitten.

So, how do you break up a dog fight?   If the fight does not look like it will end quickly, your best course of action is to grab the rear legs and pull backwards, like a wheelbarrow.  If you are afraid to reach in that close, you can pull backwards by looping a leash around one or both rear legs.

*If you feel like you are in any danger of being bitten, do not intervene!

chillin’ at the park

  Visit Neartown Animal Clinic’s Facebook page for a list of Houston, Texas dog parks.

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    Good article Safety is the first concern dog and human

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