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Jun 20 2017

Heat Stroke Can Happen in Minutes!

heat stroke in dogs

heat strokeYesterday we had a Greyhound that had been outside for 1 hour at 11am in Houston.  He was found panting excessively, drooling and unable to get up.  He was immediately brought to the veterinary clinic where his temperature registered 106 degrees.  (A normal body temperature for a dog is between 100 and 102.5 degrees.)

We proceeded with emergency care to include intravenous fluids and cool water (not cold!) on his belly, chest, legs and feet.   After about 2 hours his body temperature was back to normal.  At this point he was still in serious, but not critical condition.

He wasn’t left outside on purpose.  This was a potty break while the owner went to the bank.  Inadvertently, the owner was tied up at the bank and a 10-15 minute trip turned into 1 hour.   There is no such thing as just leaving a pet outside “real quick while I do something else.”  Especially in the stifling heat and humidity in Houston and most western and southern states.

A few more minutes outside could have meant a body temperature increase of 1-3 degrees.  This would have led to multiple organ failure and most likely death.

We are happy to report that “Epic” is doing great today!


What is Heat Stroke, what are the symptoms, what is the treatment and prognosis?




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