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Jan 21 2016

February is National Pet Dental Month!

Can you imagine if we didn’t brush our teeth at least once a day?  Ewww.  Well that’s happening to your dogs and cats.  Nasty breath, gingivitis, plaque, tartar, pus…the list goes on.  All that bacteria surging through your pet’s vital organs and ultimately risking their health.

Silent Killer!

Silent Killer!

The best time for a professional cleaning for your pet is BEFORE you see the layers of plaque, tartar and inflamed gums.   When done proactively, the dental cleaning can reverse gingivitis.   If the disease is left to progress, the gums recede, and teeth and bones decay.  This cannot be reversed.

Take Advantage of our February Dental Discount!  $50 off of a professional dental cleaning, with pre-anesthetic blood work and $35 worth of home dental care products.

Call TODAY to schedule your pet’s teeth cleaning 713-526-1502.



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