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Nov 22 2012

Are Your Dogs and Cats Garbage Guts?

Black Friday isn’t just for shoppers. 

It’s also the day after Thanksgiving spent at the Animal Clinic.  As soon as the doors open, the dogs and cats start arriving with bloated bellies, diarrhea, vomiting and distraught owners.

The Garbage Gut:  The fatty foods, leftovers, wrappers and bones your pets will get out of the trash when you’re fast asleep on a turkey L-tryptophan high.    Not only do we see gastrointestinal problems, pancreatitis and salmonella, we may get to operate on your beloved pet to remove some of this trash-blockage from their belly.

The Giblet Grabber:  The aromas wafting from the stove top and the kitchen table are almost too much for your pets to handle.  When your back is turned they will be up and knocking over hot pans, sharp knives and glass before you can emit a “No!”   The hot gravy and grease, raw meat and shattered glass may leave more than Fluffy and Fido injured, but also yourself or guests in the vicinity or trying to help.

Keep those trash can lids secured (or empty asap) and watch those four-legged creatures near the stove, counters and tables.  Wouldn’t you rather spend $2,000 shopping than at the animal emergency clinic?

* Click here for safe holiday treats for your pets

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