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Jun 05 2013

Dalmatians and Firefirefighters


Today we pay homage to the firefighters that lost their lives and those that were injured in the Houston fire.

I found a great link that tells the story of how the Dalmatian became the symbol of the Firehouse.

      Because of the dog/horse bond, the dalmatian easily adapted to the firehouse in the days of horse-drawn fire wagons. Since every firehouse had a set of fast horses to pull the pumper, it became common for each group of firefighters to keep a dalmatian in the firehouse to guard the firehouse and horses. When the alarm came in, the dalmatian led the way for the horse-drawn pumper. In this way, the dalmatian became the firefighters’ companion and a symbol of the fire service. Today, dalmatians are still found in many firehouses in England, Canada, and the United States.

 For the rest of the story click here (author unknown)

These are some of our very own patients! 

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