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Nov 02 2012

Myths About Corn & Meat By-Products in Dog and Cat Food

      We see pet food commercials stating that their diets contain “No corn” and “No animal by-products”.    This creates a false perception that certain ingredients are bad for your pet.  Thus making their food seem superior to other comparable diets.  This is similar to the  “No high fructose corn syrup” in our own foods and beverages.  High fructose corn syrup is a natural ingredient made from corn that is nearly identical in composition to table sugar.


Myth:  Corn is just a filler.

Fact:  Corn is not just a filler, it’s a source of carbohydrates, starch, protein, fiber, and fatty acids.

Myth: Whole-grain corn is poorly digested.  (We already know from experience that corn doesn’t digest!)

Fact:  The whole-grain corn in dog and cat food is ground into a flour and cooked making it digestible.

Myth:  Corn is a source of food allergies.

Fact:  Studies show an incidence rate of 1.5% of adverse reactions to food are caused by corn.  This is no different than the incidence rate of reaction to rice.  Most food allergies are from common meat proteins.

Myth:  Meat by-products are inferior.

Fact:  Meat by-products are natural, excellent sources of nutrients.  With rare exceptions, all pet foods contain by-products.  Many of the foods humans eat every day contain by-products.

Myth:  More protein is better.

Fact:  Animals cannot store protein.  Excess protein forces the kidneys to work harder when they have to convert it into waste.

Myth:  “Meat-first” foods are better.

Fact:  Healthy pets need nutrients and a complete balance of amino acids from both meat and non-meat sources to deliver a complete and balanced diet.

The Facts:  A completely balanced diet is what our pets need for optimum health.  All ingredients used in any pet food must be acceptable either via the AAFCO ingredients definition process, via formal FDA-CVM review or via Self-Affirmed GRAS.  You will find a zillion different sources that agree or disagree with me.

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