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Apr 25 2014

Today is Hairball Awareness Day

…and cats that vomit hairballs are not as normal as we think.

As cat owners, we’ve all heard the hucka hucka hucka sound in the middle of the night and grimace at the thought of cleaning up cat vomit.   If we notice hair in it, we assume it’s just a hairball from normal grooming.

In a normally functioning digestive tract, hairballs should pass through without any problems. 

Dr. Jane Brunt, CATalyst Council’s executive director, advises that more than one or two supposed hairballs a year, even in long-haired cats, is not normal.

If your cat vomits hairballs more than a couple times a year, or vomits at any time anything other than hairballs, you should take your cat to your veterinarian.    This could be an indication of inflammation, or a more serious problem.

Regular brushing can help remove excess hair and there are also cat diets to help prevent hairballs.

hairballgelNeartown Animal Clinic in Houston, TX carries a hairball gel to help the hair pass through the intestinal system.  However, you should have your cat examined before giving this or any similar products or medications.

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