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Canna-Pet CBD for Pets!

Canna Pet CBD

Neartown Animal Clinic is excited to carry Canna-Pet CBD products for your pets.  

Neartown Animal Clinic is 1 of only 2 Animal Clinics in Houston that carry Canna-Pet Products!

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Canna-Pet invented hemp nutrition for pets.

It’s true. We’re really that innovative. Of course, the products we offer pet owners and their beloved and cherished animals today didn’t just pop up overnight. In fact, the Canna-Pet® product line is the end result of close to 30 years of careful research. Since our inception, we have produced millions of capsules and biscuits for pets all across the United States – and in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Non-psychoactive Canna-Pet products are not “pot for pets.”  All our products contain a proprietary production and formulation that features an acute awareness of the benefits of whole plant extracts, including more than two dozen different hemp terpenes and flavonoids. All rigorously and routinely tested to ensure maximum quality and consistency.

Canna-Pet products won’t get your pet “high” – although you may very well notice an extra appreciation and enthusiasm for life following regular usage. What they will provide is the widest possible array of phytochemicals – all specially formulated to produce the Canna-Pet entourage effect.

You can also take a look at the 2016 published AHVMA report on Canna-Pet® products conducted by Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Clinical Sciences. Among other findings, nearly 93 percent of all surveyed pet owners said they favor Canna-Pet® products to some, most or any medications.

How to Use Canna-Pet Products

Canna-Pet is NOT a pharmaceutical. It is a benign, all-organic hemp product that you can feed to your pet with confidence and ease. Perhaps best of all, you do NOT need to make any adjustments to your pet’s current medication or supplement schedule. Simply add Canna-Pet alongside your existing regimen of products, and look for your pet to start feeling the cumulative benefits before long.

It’s truly easy to administer our products to your beloved pets. Just open a Canna-Pet capsule and sprinkle the contents into your pet’s food – or hide the capsule in a treat. Some of our products also come in liquid (which can be directly dropped into your pet’s mouth) and flavored biscuit form. The taste of all Canna-Pet products is mild, and your pets won’t even notice it’s there. Click here for more detailed instructions.

 Select the Right Canna-Pet Products

Every person is different and unique. So is every pet.   That’s why we offer a substantive and varied line of Canna-Pet products – from Canna-Pet® Advanced capsules to delicious and fun flavored Canna-Biscuits.  No matter the size, shape, age or personality of your pet, Canna-Pet natural nutritional products are entirely organic and completely safe for use. We also back each and every one of them with our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.


Is Canna-Pet safe for pets with food allergies?

All Canna-Pet formulations (as well as the capsules we use) are non-GMO and vegan, free of animal products, preservatives, SLS, gelatin, wheat, sugar, and dairy. Our biscuit ingredients are listed at the bottom of our ingredients page.   If your pet has sensitivities, it is best to use our capsule or liquid products, rather than biscuits (which have many more food ingredients). Simply open the capsule, then sprinkle the contents into your pet’s approved food. Learn more at our instructions page.

Will Canna-Pet help with my pet’s medical condition?

Unfortunately, the FDA prohibits us from discussing any diseases or medical conditions in conjunction with our products. We recommend you try Canna-Pet products for one month and observe the results with your own pet. We also invite you to contact any of the hundreds of U.S. veterinarians who recommend Canna-Pet products to discuss their application for an individual pet.  We’re so confident you and your pet will benefit from Canna-Pet, we offer our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Is Canna-Pet recommended by veterinarians?

Absolutely! Hundreds of DVMs now proudly display and sell Canna-Pet products and/or refer their clients to Canna-Pet.

Any conflicts with other medications or supplements?

You do not have to make any adjustments to your current medications or supplements.  Canna-Pet® operates along completely separate biochemical pathways (the ECS system) from any products you currently use. Simply add Canna-Pet® alongside your existing regimen of products, and we expect your pet to feel the cumulative benefits.

What Makes Canna-Pet Unique

Will Canna-Pet products get my pet “high” after they take them?

Absolutely not. None of our products are psychoactive in any way. You may, however, notice your pet feeling and acting a little bit more “high on life” after regular Canna-Pet use.

So Canna-Pet isn’t “pot for pets” then?

Canna-Pet is definitely NOT “pot for pets” .   A truly unique company with a truly unique product, Canna-Pet innovated the field of hemp nutraceuticals for pets. In fact, our findings confirm those of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) that these compounds should not be obtained from “marijuana” type plants for animals. Canna-Pet® is the first and only company to produce hemp nutrition adapted for pets –  safely and effectively refined from industrial hemp.

So what makes Canna-Pet so unique?

Canna-Pet is a unique product in many ways. Specialized facilities, proprietary production methods and formulas, extensive product testing and ongoing research provide consistent and unique Canna-Pet products that contain dozens of hemp byproducts and terpenes.  We also work closely in conjunction with major veterinary universities to research and refine our proprietary products.

Effectiveness / When to Use

How Long Does it Take Canna-Pet to work?

Canna-Pet® goes to work and starts making an effect on your pet within 45 minutes. We expect you to notice benefits to intermittent issues within that time. For persistent issues, please allow a few days. If you are not seeing results, let us know what you are seeing so we can guide you to the results we expect. The full scale of benefits are seen over longer periods – we feel hemp nutrition is a way of life, a vital element of your pet’s daily diet.

My Pet has intermittent issues, like anxiety on car trips or during storms, do I have to use Canna-Pet all the time to see benefits?

Nope! You are perfectly fine using at will. If you know a storm is approaching or you’re getting ready for a road trip, simply give our products to your pet 45 minutes before.

Is Canna-Pet covered by pet insurance?

Popular pet insurers like Trupanion and Petplan DO cover Canna-Pet products – provided you obtain veterinarian recommendation and carry the proper policy for herbal therapies. Contact your particular pet insurance carrier for more details and specifics.

How do I feed my pet Canna-Pet capsules?

It’s simple, really. Just open a Canna-Pet capsule and sprinkle the contents into your pet’s food. Or hide the capsule in a treat. The taste is mild, and your pets won’t even notice it’s there. Click here for more detailed instructions.


One of Neartown Animal Clinic’s own clients said  “Riley’s behavior is like night and day.  I think he even came into the room and said Hey Dude!”