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    How You Can Help Animals In Need after Hurricane Sandy

    Nov 05 2012

    Those of us in the Gulf Coast region know firsthand the devastation caused by Hurricanes.   When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans,  more than 250,000 pets were left stranded.  Owners…

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    Myths About Corn & Meat By-Products in Dog and Cat Food

    Nov 02 2012

          We see pet food commercials stating that their diets contain “No corn” and “No animal by-products”.    This creates a false perception that certain ingredients are bad for your pet. …

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    It’s A Dog’s Life!

    Oct 29 2012

    A Chocolate lab’s daily routine  

  • Video of Cherry Eye Surgery on Bulldog

    Oct 23 2012

    Video of cherry eye surgery performed on bulldog.  See it in action!   Learn more about the clinical signs and prognosis of cherry eye

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    What is Poisonous to My Dog or Cat?

    Oct 10 2012

    We’ve all been there… Fido just ate a  _____________.  Is that poisonous? The Pet Poison Helpline has a link just for that situation.  Type the item in their search box…

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    Top 10 Toxins in the Kitchen for Dogs and Cats

    Oct 09 2012

    Should your pet ingest any of the following items and show symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea or lethargy, call your veterinarian or the Pet Poison Help Line at 855-289-0358 ASAP. Chocolate…

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    Expert Author on Pet Health!

    Oct 08 2012

    Dana just made Basic Expert Author level at for her articles on Pet Health.

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    How To Break Up a Dog Fight

    Oct 02 2012

    It’s perfect weather for a visit to the dog park.   Make sure you know the rules and proper etiquette of each dog park.  No one wants to have to…

  • Ear Mites

    Sep 27 2012

      Ear mites(Otodectes cynotis)are parasites that live in the ear canals of cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets and are the most common cause of ear infection in kittens and young…

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    Kittens Dumped At Our Front Door At Neartown Animal Clinic

    Sep 12 2012

    I’m glad that someone trusts us enough to take care of their kittens at Neartown Animal Clinic.  But, to dump them at our front door…  Kittens at this age will…