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    Deadly Pet Med Mix Ups

    Jul 09 2013

    The dangers of online pet pharmacies. I have previously written about the dangers of using online or human retail pharmacies for our pets. I cannot stress this enough – It…

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    Dalmatians and Firefirefighters

    Jun 05 2013

      Today we pay homage to the firefighters that lost their lives and those that were injured in the Houston fire. I found a great link that tells the story…

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    The Cost of Owning a Kitten in the First Year is How Much!!

    May 30 2013

    The costs associated with getting a kitten. I was recently asked how much it will cost to get a new kitten.  Well, sit down so the sticker shock doesn’t knock you off…

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    What Should You Do If An Animal Bites You

    May 22 2013

    When an animal bites or scratches you… Take note of the appearance and description of the animal Get the owner’s contact information Wash the area with soap and water Report the bite to…

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    31,000 People Bit By a Dog Require Reconstructive Surgery

    May 20 2013

    It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week! Don’t be a statistic, be alert around dogs, even family dogs and always monitor your children when around dogs.

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    Dog Bite Prevention: Top 10 Scenarios to Avoid

    May 15 2013

      May 19-25 is National Dog Bite Prevention Week! We love to pet dogs, and most dogs love to be petted. But there also are times when we shouldn’t pet…

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    To BARF or Not to BARF (Bones and Raw Food diet for pets)

    May 02 2013

    BARF: Bones and Raw Food Diet for Pets. The American Animal Hospital Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the National Association of State Public…

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    Did You Know That Dogs Have Tonsils?

    Apr 24 2013

    Since dogs have tonsils, they can also develop tonsillitis.  Similar to lymph nodes, their job is to fight infection. When they are doing this, they may become infected themselves and…

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    5 ways to enrich the lives of brain-dead fat cats

    Apr 16 2013

    The more time you spend enriching your cats’ environment, the smarter and healthier your cats will be.                1. Make your house cat-friendly. Cats need elevated spots where they are allowed…

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    New – Hill’s Prescription Metabolic Diet!

    Apr 08 2013

    I am so excited about the new Metabolic diet from Hill’s (makers of Science Diet). Now, high fiber is not the only solution for weight reduction.  Less fiber means less…