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    Dog Dies After Eating E-Cigarette Capsule

    Feb 20 2014

      Warning to e-cigarette smokers! You curious pet would love to bite into that cool looking capsule.  But it just might kill him. I applaud those who are trying to…

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    Houston No-Kill Animal Shelters

    Jan 23 2014

    Whether you are looking for a new pet, want to foster a pet or have to give up your pet, Neartown Animal Clinic has put together a list of the…

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    February is Pet Dental Month at Neartown Animal Clinic in Houston, Tx

    Jan 16 2014

    Why does my pet have bad breath? After your pet has eaten a meal, plaque begins to accumulate on the teeth within 4 hours.  The bacteria from the plaque begins…

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    Highly Toxic Items For Dogs and Cats

    Dec 12 2013

    Mistletoe (especially berries); expoxy adhesives; and antifreeze. Please note that some items have special problems. For example, whereas angel hair is usually considered to be of low toxicity, it can…

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    Moderately Toxic Items for Dogs and Cats

    Dec 10 2013

    Fireplace colors/salts; plastic model cement; moderate to high toxicity holly berries and leaves; bubbling lights (methylene chloride); snow scenes (may contain salmonella); aftershaves/perfumes/alcoholic beverages; and chocolate (dark is more toxic…

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    Toxic Holiday and Winter Items For Dogs and Cats

    Dec 08 2013

    Plants and other items associated with the winter and holiday season can be toxic to your pets. What follows is a general guide. Please consult your veterinarian, animal poison control,…

  • Animals Under the Hood

    Dec 03 2013

        Roaming cats, as well as house pets and wildlife, may climb onto vehicle engines for warmth during cold weather. Be sure to check under the hood or knock a…

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    Harmful Holiday Foods For Your Pets

    Nov 27 2013

    Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate what we are thankful for.  Your dogs and cats may be very thankful for a plate of turkey scraps or other yummy tidbit from the…

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    Quick List of Poisonous Foods for Our Pets

    Nov 23 2013

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    Tips For Traveling With Your Pet For The Holidays

    Nov 22 2013

    For pet owners preparing to travel with your furry friends by plane or car, a few moments of preparation will prevent future heartaches and frustrations on the trip. First, make…