• Marijuana Toxicity in Pets

    Aug 27 2014

    Many pets will eat anything, so vigilance is needed to keep them out of trouble. Marijuana poisonings are becoming more frequent, and can cause severe symptoms in pets. Pet owners…

  • Feline Cervical Neck Lesions

    Jul 08 2014

    Quiz: What part of the cat’s body is affected by a cervical neck lesion? Neck Back Tail Mouth Did you guess neck?  Sounds logical, but cervical neck lesions, also known…

  • Rebranding the Cat

    Jun 09 2014

    Cats have gotten a bad rap over the years: as bird-killers, standoffish snobs, fearful under-bed-hiders—and let’s not even talk about the crazy cat lady. But the fortunes of the cat…

  • Neartown Animal Clinic’s Veterinary Resources For Pet Owners

    Apr 28 2014

    There’s a lot of information about pet care available on the internet, and we want to share with you reputable, trustworthy sites for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Click…

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    Today is Hairball Awareness Day

    Apr 25 2014

    …and cats that vomit hairballs are not as normal as we think. As cat owners, we’ve all heard the hucka hucka hucka sound in the middle of the night and grimace at the…

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    April 21st is the Beginning of National Pet ID Week!

    Apr 22 2014

    One in three pets will go missing in its lifetime and only 10% will ever be reunited with their owner.   If the only thing standing between you and finding your…

  • For Dogs and Cats, Tylenol (acetaminophen) Can Be Fatal!

    Apr 17 2014

    Even a small piece of a Tylenol pill can be deadly to your pet (cats, dogs, ferrets, birds, pigs, primates, and many others). Why?   The mechanisms for breaking down and…

  • A Coughing Cat Should Not Be Taken Lightly

    Apr 11 2014

      Dogs cough for all kinds of reasons.  But, whether it be allergies or an infection of some sort, it is usually temporary.  On the other hand, a coughing cat…

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    Bloat & Gastric Torsion X-ray From Neartown Animal Clinic

    Mar 20 2014

    Bloat & Gastric Torsion is a very serious condition. This occurs when the stomach twists on its supporting ligaments and the contents begin to release  gas pressure.  This is very…

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    Heterochromia? What is that?

    Mar 10 2014

    Have you ever seen one of those cats with different colored eyes?  This is a condition known as heterochromia.  Kittens are born with blue eyes and melanin is what changes…