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Flea, Tick & Heartworm Prevention
 Neartown Animal Clinic carries all the products necessary for parasite control. Trifexis logo

Convenience. Proven Effectiveness.

All in one chewable tablet.

Benefits of Trifexis:

    pawprintred.pngKills fleas and prevents infestations
    pawprintred.pngPrevents heartworm disease
    pawprintred.pngTreats & controls intestinal parasites
    pawprintred.pngOne easy-to-administer chewable tablet
    pawprintred.pngWith Trifexis, you can play with your dog immediately after treatment.

1 Chewable Tablet * 3 Types of Parasite Protection

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Comfortis™ is the first FDA-approved, chewable, beef-flavored tablet that kills fleas and prevents flea infestations on dogs for a full month. One tablet, once a month with a meal.

Only Comfortis™ offers you all of these benefits in a single product:

    pawprintred.pngFast, month-long flea protection
    pawprintred.pngStarts killing fleas within 30 minutes
    pawprintred.pngLasts a full month 
    pawprintred.pngKills fleas before they can lay eggs
    pawprintred.pngThe convenience of a chewable, beef-flavored tablet
    pawprintred.pngSpinosad, the active ingredient is environmentally friendly

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Heartgard-Logo HEARTGARD Plus: Easy to Give. Protection to Live.

Heartworms can infect your dog without you knowing it. The best way to protect your dog is to prevent heartworm disease - the risk, expense, and emotional toll of treatment are significant.

Heartworm disease is a serious illness that can rob your dog of its health and even its life. 

HEARTGARD Plus used monthly:

Help prevent heartworm infection in your dog. 
Help your dog avoid the risk, stress, and confinement to treat canine heartworm disease.
Convenient and easy-to-give chewable that most dogs will eat right out of your hand. 
Made with real beef.
			See Heartworms under the microscope!


FRONTLINE Plus® is an easy-to-apply liquid that provides your pet with guaranteed protection against fleas and ticks. It's convenient, highly effective and only needs to be applied once a month to give your pet superior flea and tick protection. 


Feline Revolution® (selamectin) is the only topical medicine that prevents Feline heartworm disease.  Plus, the monthly application protects cats against fleas, ear mites, hookworm and roundworm.


Protect your outdoor and indoor cats, because there's no such thing as an outdoor only mosquito!


Capstar,  Eliminating fleas on your pet is easy with Capstar® (nitenpyram) because Capstar provides fast flea relief for your dog or cat.  In fact, it begins to work within 30 minutes to kill adult fleas. You will literally see fleas falling off your pet!  

Preventic Collar, Tick collar for dogs containing 9% amitraz to kill preventic-tick-collarand detach ticks for up to 90 days. Do not use on puppies under 12 weeks of age. Do not use on cats.

Provides full protection against ticks within 48 hours of placement. Stops new ticks from attaching.


Virbac Knockout™ Area Treatment

An aerosol house spray containing synthetic pyrethroids to quickly kill adult and larval fleas and ticks. Prevents subsequent flea infestations for up to 4 months (120 days). Pyriproxyfen (Nylar®), an insect growth regulator, inhibits flea growth and kills fleas before they reach the adult biting stage. Available in 14 oz aerosol can. Covers approximately 2,000 square feet.


Virbac® Yard Spray Concentrate, Ready to use residual action insecticide concentrate for use outdoors on residential lawns and premises. Contains the pyrethroid Esfenvalerate for extra safety as opposed to organophosphate yard sprays. A 16-ounce bottle covers up to 6000 square feet. Water based vehicle will not harm grass or foliage. No mixing is required. Virbac Yard Spray Concentrate comes ready to use with a convenient hose end applicator.


Ecto-Soothe® 3X Shampoo - Emollient oatmeal shampoo with Spherulites® Microcapsules, an exclusive encapsulation system.

Ecto-Soothe® 3X kills fleas as it soothes the irritated pruritic skin commonly associated with external parasites. For use on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens 12 weeks of age and older.